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Fun in Fethiye

July 27 - August 1, 2013

Sharon and I ate our breakfast. The employers at the panyison were so nice enough to serve the breakfast on the table while we were still in our "bed" Actually, we have been sleeping up in an open air roof terrance for 15 TL each because they told us that rooms were full. That was fine with us because we were able to see the beautiful view of sail boat harbors and sunset or sunrising.Ha! It feel like it's fancy in-room service.We did not expect to have like that way in the morning.

We decided that we would do for the day:

1. Shopping to check the prices for ferry tickets to Rhode Islands.

Result: We did researched and found out that it was 50 euro each. Ok. We kept in our mind to figure out. I had an instinct feeling that we could find for 40 euro with no problem by find an evidence on line or something like that. Maybe discount for disability? Nope, no discount for disability. So, we decided to worry about it later on.

2. Walk through the town to see the museum of Lyican way.

Result: The museum was quite small and simple with all amazing archeologies regarding to all stones, and artifacts. I was amazed how the archeologist people actually found all those artifiacts with careful and calculate when those items existed during 200 BC or 500 BC or 3 AD. Plus, I was amazed how the artificats actually still existed for over the thousand of years. Wow! Some potteries were so detailed and purposeful such as use for olive oil that functions so well, some particular sauces, food on the plates, etc... Scupltures of human was an amazing! Sharon had a favorite artificat,which was a column with three scriptures that are based on evolution of Hebrew, Greek, and Lyican language. Especially with Hebrew,specifically, because there were combination of Hebrew, Arabic, and some other languages, I suspect. The two different rooms had an automatic lights that we had to stand under the "invisible electric" to let the light get on. Interesting... Oh, Sharon showed me the map of Lyican path,which she explained to me how the lady from 1980s explored throughout Turkey and figure out where the Lyican group actually lived back then with all amazing ruins and customs. Oh!!! The coins behind the glass display in the museum was an amazing! Forgive me if I am repeating the word- "amazing". The coins did actually existed way way before Jesus was born!

3. Get us a lunch to eat before we use our engery to shop for Sharon's shits.

Result: We walked from the museum in the heat of sun! Too hot to walk around on the street under the sun. We walked to find a place to eat because we were hungry, duh. We found a local and the menu look interesting. So, we decided to split by ordering one dish of soup, rice, and salad for 6 TL. We enjoyed ourselves and the meal was good. Not my favorite dish, though. The soup was filled with beans and liquid-probably will get some stinky shit in the bathroom later in the day. Rice was good and salad had no flavor, but just squeeze some lemon juice into the salad. The muslim lady came out and say- do you want some more soup. We were like- sure and thought it was courtesty and couldn't decline her offer. I gave her the 10 TL and wanted 4 TL back and noticed it was only 3 TL. Sharon thought it was nothing and I basically explained to her that it is not about money. It is about courtesty with sincere honest regarding to business. They did not tell us- ok.. refill the soup would cost you 1 TL without taking advantage of us just because we are white touristy people.

It was similar story that I experienced back in Sapa, Vietnam where I had 1 dollar to buy two lemon popsicle that cost me and Jared 50 cents because I saw the tour guide only paid for 25 cents and I said please give us 50 cents back because we are just same as the tour guide. The tour guide was impressed with me by standing up for "humanistic equality" not just because we may appear to be one of the stupid sympathy white/western touristy people

Afterward, we went to the grocery store to look for ice cream, but we decided to get frozen yogurt. Sharon, definitely, have no self control at all when it comes to sweet tooth. We walked to check the Val's cocktail bar and was not impressed with the bar like it mentioned in the lonely planet's book. I am clean snob when it comes to "tropical" bar and Sharon is snob when it comes to intellectual regarding to books. However, she did asked Val if she knew anyone who are leaving Fethiye via sailing to greece islands. Nope! Hard to find right people because it have to be done by advance of the time. Oh well..

4. Go to bazaar and help Sharon to bargain for a best deal.

Result: Sharon and I search for the bazaar (tuesday bazaar market). We noticed some people were carry black plastic bag or white plastic bag and we were saying- ants walking all ovr with bags that mean it is coming from the "queen store". So, we followed the trail to get into the bazaar market. She was ready to find a good deal. We walked around and there were full of shitty clothes that I usually would find at Kmart or target or white trash area store for a dollar in usa. Sharon got excited by seeing few touristy souveniors on the table for her friends. She checked the price then left to look for some more souveniors at different places. We walked around and found a booth with scarves for her friends and I tried to negogate and it didn't work out. We were not that crazy for the choices of scarf colors,really. I negogated for 30 TL, but the man wanted 35 TL. So, we walked away and went back to the spoon rester booth and I helped her by negogate to get two spoon rester and one nice plate. Sharon was a happy camper and her mood was shifted from annoyed with me to nice/sweetest mood. While we walked around a bit to look for another scarf booth and the prices were not what we were looking for. So, we kept looking and I suggested her to change her mind by check the towel with beautiful colors. So, I helped her by negogate for towels. I wished that I did get one more towel, but we didn't have enough money. Oh well. Sharon was much happier camper! Good to go! I was kinda of exhausted by using my energy to negogate and get what Sharon wanted.

5. We went to explore some ruins.

Result: we did achieve by walking through the town and see the beautiful column with triangle on the top. Amazing! Long time ago where the civilians were brilliant to shape it up with just few things without any high technology to begin with! Wow! The place was for tombs where people (I don't know what kind of people died and bury in the tomb?). Really neat-o! I was really disappointed by how people in the town would not clean up the graffi that were sprayed on the tombs! Annoying!

7. We walked back to our panysion to relax a bit. Then we went out to grab some food for dinner.

Result: We went out of panysion and walked to find a place to eat and we did find a place to eat. When we walked and decided to stop at the cafe next to v-go (stupid tour agency) to have a nice milkshake to share. We ended up chatting with the Turkish man, who spoke English pretty well. He was nice enough by taking a pen and paper to write to us. Until Sharon opened her mouth and found out that she was capable to speak. We were talking with him how we couldn't find a cheaper deal to catch ferry from Fethiye to Rhodes Island, Greece. Suddenly, he was more than happy to help us out by taking his phone out and called his high school friend to give him a good deal. We got 40 euro ticket for one way (80 euro all total). All good to go! Yay! Perfect because I KNEW we were capable to get a cheap deal rather than pay 50 euro each. However, we were able to enjoy our milkshake, but the Turkish guy made another milkshake on him. Really nice of him! I told him that I never tried Turkish coffee in turkey yet! He said- come over tomorrow. We said sure! We will do that! Sound like a plan!

8.Great ending for us to go to our "roof with window" to sleep before we buy the ticket in the next day, but the ferry was not avaiable tomorrow and it was available on Thursday. Ok! All good to go!

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