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July 31, 2013

While we were in Olympus, I did not feel right vibe even though I was surrounded with many people, who speak in English fluently. I ended up being a bit weird mood and could not figure out why....

Now, I know why I did not feel so relaxed and enjoyable in Olympos (Bayram's panyison because I knew we could have find a better rate to stay at) except being at the beach! The panyison where we stayed was too expensive for what we paid to stay at a shitty dorm. Come on... Plus, it was too TOURISTY and I did not like Sharon's "friend" that she chatted with from night before because he was really nice and say I have a friend,which means business!!! Tried to convince us to buy tickets for sailing from KAS to Fiethye for 120 USD for 2 nights. Hell no. We calcuated and told him that we spend 20 TL for our meals per day and panysion for 50-60 TL per night. So, we were willing to pay like 40-50 USD per day,which is reasonable. He came up and tried to talk with me to agree with him. NOPE! I was in a bad and quiet mood after looking at his smirky appearance. I was ready to throw some smart-ass remarks, but did not bother to do that. :)

We had breakfast and stole more food for our lunch. I know that we sorta of broke the "10 commandment" by just simply take breads, jams, and chocolate spread in our backpack while it was lying on the table. Why not save some instead of the panyison throw the food in the trash? Maybe we sound like we are becoming like two old Jewish women that usually steal sweet and low sugar packet or collect all slice lemons in many napkins. That is what I remembered when I grew up and watch some old Jewish grandmothers does that! *guilty look* heh....We packed and got ready to leave for the bus, but had to wait for another an hour to chill out. Finally, we got on the bus to up in the mountain and switch to another bus to get to Kas.

When we arrived in Kas and it was beautiful and nice atomsphere. We walked out of the bus station and found a place to hide from the sun. Sharon and I were discussing and trying to figure out where we can find a good deal for sailing from Kas to Feithye. She hunted for sailing boat with package and I hunted for hostels. We came back at the nice restaurant, which the owner let us to dump our backpack becuase it was too heavy to shelp to different places. However, I found a hostel (dorm) for 40 TL for both of us. The bunk was piece of shit becuase there were no bed supports and piece of shit. Fan was ok... window was ok... Sharon accepted the fact there's window and I accept there's fan and only us to use the bathroom. Ok for a night. She did not find a good deal from different boats. We met up at the restaurant and sit down and agreed that we would stay in Kas for a night then figure out in the next day. She feel that she have learned a lot by negogate in French, German and English. Cool for her! I, basically, used gesture though. However, we sat and chilled out a bit then we met an old wales couple. Really nice and independent couples. They travelled a lot and telling us how it's their first time to leave their house for 5 months and rent to people that help them to cover the bills. Cool ideas! They save money by not spend a lot of $ on things and use 2nd hands. Good ideas and it makes me really think that theres anything is possible to make life to happen by travel more. They told us few information about Greece islands and it was not the same from 20 years ago compare to this day. Interesting. Also, they told us that Patara have a longest beach, but seclude as well. We were thinking about going there.

After having a nice conversation with them. We left and dumped our backpack in the dorm then went to eat at 2000 restaurant for 8 TL. Really cheap and good deal to eat the amazing moussaka and salad too. So good! Yum! Afterward, we walked into the bazaar area for a bit, which Sharon was not into it and was tired too. So, we went to our dorm and got ready to go bed. It was sooo hilarious to watch how Sharon was trying to make herself feel comfortable in her own shitty bed! Ha ha! I slept just fine, but the room smelt so bad!!!

A small note- the boats look beautiful, but we didn't know there were a lot of boats from other side of the Kas. Argh!Oh well! We were hoping to hitch and jump on the boat with new friends. We will see...

Posted by sbw2109 03:09

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